An Apple A Day: Meet our Ciders

A beverage enjoyed universally since Ancient times, apple cider is unique for its combination of the dryness and spritz of Champagne, with the cold, refreshing qualities of a good beer. Our most recent Members’ Day, in October of 2019, marked the release of our Jambreen Pink Lady Apple Cider. Its baby sibling, the Granny Smith Cider, followed shortly after. 

cider vs. beer

Fermentation is the only grounds upon which cider and beer are alike. Whilst beer is brewed from malt and flavoured with hops, cider is only ever crafted using fermented fruit juice, typically from apples. Unlike beer, cider contains no malt or hops.

hard cider

Hard apple cider is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of apple juice. The term ‘hard’ is used to indicate alcoholic content, and distinguish it from its sweet American counterpart. Ciders can be dry or sweet, and their appearance ranges from cloudy and sedimented, to near-transparent.

Cider typically maintains a fairly low alcohol content because the apples used to make it are naturally low in sugar. Even sweeter apples tend to have a much lower sugar content than grapes. During fermentation, yeast sources energy by consuming sugars, the byproducts of this process being alcohol and carbon dioxide. Once all of these natural sugars are gone, the yeast loses its food supply and eventually dies off. The final product? A fermented cider that contains around 4-6% alcohol.

Witches Falls Winery Alcoholic Apple Cider Gold Coast Queensland

our ciders

Both the Pink Lady and the Granny Smith Ciders have been produced from 100% fresh, Granite Belt apples. As Tamborine Mountain's only working winery, all cider production is also carried out on-site. Much like our grapes, the apples are transported from Stanthorpe to the winery via truck, where they are immediately crushed to extract the juice.  

In a process remarkably similar to that of our unwooded whites, the apple juice is fermented in large stainless-steel vats, which provide the cider a fresh, clean finish. In order to retain the natural flavours and colours of our cider, we use minimal filtration, and do not add any sweeteners. 

Witches Falls Winery Alcoholic Apple Cider Gold Coast Queensland Delivery

Pink Lady Apple Cider

Much like the apple itself, our pink lady cider is crisp, juicy, and carries an understated elegance. Exhibiting a natural sweetness and just the right amount of fizz, the pink lady is the perfect partner to complete a sunny afternoon. 

Granny Smith Apple Cider

Refreshingly crisp and a little bit tart, the Granny Smith Cider is perfect for those that prefer a slightly dryer beverage. With its clean palate and effervescent finish, this cider is dangerously moreish!


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