Witches Falls Classic Tawny 43.00 false 500ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/classic-tawny 92 124039 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/Tawny_1000x.png?v=1627974455 Depth, Luxury, Complexity. The NV Classic Tawny is our little slice of heaven. Think Christmas Day in a bottle, our Tawny is basically a liquid fruitcake. A warm, dried fruit character combines notes of dried orange, tangerine, and raisins on the palate. Try it drizzled over vanilla ice-cream for the perfect apertif! Witches Falls Solera Muscat 43.00 false 500ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/solera-muscat 124 10004 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/Muscat_1000x.png?v=1627974931 Sweet, Sticky, Sultanas. The Classic Solera Muscat is a night well-ended. An age-old method of blending aged wine with younger wine over many years, our Solera maintains consistent quality and character.  With a rich depth of flavour, the Solera presents an abundance of raisins on the nose, complemented by dried apricots and butterscotch on the palate. Witches Falls 2022 Provenance Vermentino 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-provenance-vermentino 5637 SK-00264 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/2021-Vermentino_600x_df5bb2e0-d614-4afb-bfd4-e2a57581e5ce_1000x.png?v=1677206211 Fresh, Alluring, and Moreish. The Provenance Vermentino is an Italian summer all wrapped up in a bottle – picture sea breeze, warm sun and salty air. With notes of pineapple and citrus, refreshing acidity and a long fresh finish, this wine is sure to delight. The perfect partner with all seafood or just on its own with good friends! Witches Falls 2019 Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon 80.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-prophecy-cabernet-sauvignon 283 SK-00024 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/ProphecyCabsavNew_1000x.png?v=1608621428 Distinguished, Assertive, Opulent. The Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon commands attention with its exceptional structure and savoury tannins. This is a complex, layered and clearly articulated red. Decadent aromas of blackcurrant and tobacco transition effortlessly into a palate of warm oak and dark berries. Witches Falls 2021 Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon 33.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-provenance-cabernet-sauvignon-sa 593 SK-00199 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/cabsav-sa-prov-2021_1000x.png?v=1660695890 Bold, Dignified, and Resplendent. The Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon is powered by dark fruits and a prominent herbaceousness. Smooth tannins meld seamlessly with notes of crushed berries, cocoa, and dried herbs. Layered and complex, this full-bodied beauty will reward careful cellaring. Witches Falls 2021 Wild Ferment Garnacha 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-wild-ferment-garnacha 24 SK-00157 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/2021Garnacha_1000x.png?v=1653615787 Spicy, Evocative, and Sophisticated. Our Wild Ferment Garnacha is not to be ignored. More commonly referred to as Grenache, this delightful drop is among our most elegant reds.   Medium-bodied with a soft tannin structure, this wine has confectionery notes on the nose, but don't be fooled. The palate greets you with a touch of fruitiness but as it lengthens, hidden layers of savoury spice and pepper unfurl. The 2021 Garnacha is the perfect easy drinking red year-round, day or night. Witches Falls 2021 Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-wild-ferment-tinta-barroca 536 SK-00156 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/2021Tinta-Barroca_1000x.png?v=1647490287 Vibrant, Energetic, and Succulent. Our Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca is a medium-bodied red in possession of exceptional character and charm. Discover an abundance of juicy black fruits, hibiscus tea and candied fennel, perfectly complemented on the palate by a lavish offering of jammy blackberries and sour cherries, coupled with a succulent tannin structure. This wine lingers beautifully on the palate, rewarding the drinker with a decadent and luxurious mouthfeel. Witches Falls 2021 Wild Ferment Chardonnay 41.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-wild-ferment-chardonnay 1147 SK-00193 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/2021wf-chardonnay-granite-belt_1000x.png?v=1670292965 Gentle, Intricate, and Engaging. The Wild Ferment Chardonnay is the gentle giant of our wooded whites boasting delightful aromatics and exquisite depth of flavour. Inviting aromas of lemon blossom, nectarine, and honeysuckle fuse harmoniously with gentle oak, subtle minerality, and lively lemon peel acidity on the delectable, elegant, and perfectly balanced palate. The fruit for our 2021 Wild Ferment Chardonnay was grown in premium Granite Belt vineyards and crafted at our Tamborine Mountain winery. Fermentation facilitated by wild yeast and barrel maturation has added texture and complexity to this stunning wine. Witches Falls 2021 Wild Ferment Aglianico 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-wild-ferment-aglianico 2290 SK-00159 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/WFAglianico_600x_1_1000x.png?v=1672725787 Earthy, Intriguing, and Refined. Never tried an Aglianico before? The Italians know it as the dashing husband of Fiano. This Southern Italian is complex and refined. With fruits sourced from sustainable Riverland vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented in wild yeast. Ripe red fruits, warm spices and integrated oak meld with clean acidity and a confident tannin structure to create a well-balanced, light bodied red that will develop exquisitely with careful cellaring. Witches Falls 2023 Moscato 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2023-moscato 3007 SK-00342 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Moscato-2022_1_1_1000x.png?v=1688105773 Get ‘spritzed’ with Moscato! Playful, Spritzy, and Luscious, this joyous wine is made from exquisite Black Muscat fruit harvested during the fabulous 2023 vintage. Playful lychee, rose petal, and guava aromas dance with strawberry, raspberry, lychee and guava on the palate. The light spritz allows for a clean, crisp finish, making the next sip non-negotiable. Witches Falls 2022 Provenance Carmenere 33.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-provenance-carmenere 3909 SK-00344 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/carmenere_1000x.png?v=1688698948 This chameleon of the wine world has a fascinating history. Originating in Bordeaux, France, this noble variety was thought to be extinct until it reemerged in Chile.Lavish, smooth, and captivating, Provenance Carménère will entice your senses with its deep red colour and alluring aromas and flavours. This full-bodied red reveals powerful notes of raspberries, ripe plum, and subtle herbaceous characters. On the palate, flavours of luscious blackberry, rich chocolate, and a touch of smoky tobacco culminate in a smooth and velvety finish.Never tried a Carménère before? Carménère can be compared to a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend. Experience the intense dark fruit flavours of a Cabernet Sauvignon complemented by the velvety texture and smooth tannins found in Merlot. Distinct herbal notes and a touch of spice add intrigue and complexity to this captivating wine. Witches Falls 2022 Wild Ferment Marsanne 41.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-wild-ferment-marsanne 3573 SK-00262 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/WfMarsanne_2b731d1d-b9d4-44a4-9dd1-ca9b82eb2d70_1000x.png?v=1677546132 Golden, Textural & Sumptuous. Our Wild Ferment Marsanne boasts a rich flavour profile, thanks to its wild yeast fermentation and maturation in seasoned French and American oak barriques. Charming aromas of citrus blossom lead to a textural and nutty, medium-bodied palate brimming with flavours of citrus and stone fruit. Spontaneous partial malolactic fermentation has added depth, complexity, and a subtle creaminess to this beautifully balanced wine. Witches Falls 2022 Provenance Chardonnay 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-provenance-chardonnay 3395 SK-00261 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/products/Provenance-Chardonnay_90411888-f667-48b3-8c57-b96a677ed3c3_1000x.png?v=1680766294 Crisp, vibrant, and joyful, re-examine all your existing opinions of chardonnay with this delicious, unoaked  drop. Citrus aromas combine with lemon zest and honeydew melon flavours on the clean, easy-drinking palate. The Provenance Chardonnay offers a refreshing, well-balanced acidity, and a crisp, fresh finish.   Witches Falls 2023 Provenance Rose 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2023-provenance-rose 7879 SK-00347 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Rose-2022_2_1000x.png?v=1692157267 Luscious, layered, and enticing, the Provenance Rosé delights with its perfect pink hue. Crafted from the classic Mataro and Grenache varieties, it reveals enchanting aromas of strawberry, peach and delicate red florals, accompanied by hints of spice. The delectable palate delivers a dry, textural, and exquisitely balanced experience. For best results enjoy well chilled in the company of good friends. Witches Falls 2022 Provenance Shiraz 33.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-provenance-shiraz 5145 SK-00346 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/SHIRAZ-2021-SA_27ff6946-204c-4608-89e7-16ed906be308_1000x.png?v=1690507747 Proud, Peppery, and Generous, our soul-warming Provenance Shiraz has the warmth and familiarity of a well-loved friend.  This full-bodied beauty brims with ripe, plush fruit flavours of mulberries and black-ruby plums while subtle notes of cracked black pepper deepen its charm. Impeccably balanced with firm tannins and savoury spice, it’s a classic expression of a celebrated variety. Witches Falls 2022 Wild Ferment Touriga 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-wild-ferment-touriga 2738 SK-00313 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Touriga_f0625257-3a98-4f90-82db-e9c074af0bb4_1000x.png?v=1688430447 Luscious, daring & velvety, Touriga is a rising star of the wine world. Indigenous to Portugal’s Douro Valley, this warm-climate red thrives under the Australian sun. Fruit sourced from sustainable Riverland Vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented with natural wild yeast. With gentle floral notes on the nose, our Wild Ferment Touriga is built on a base of plush blackcurrants and mulberries. The medium-bodied palate further reveals layers of smokiness and savoury spice. With generous length and a velvety finish, this silky wine is full of bravado and intrigue.  Witches Falls 2023 Provenance Albarino 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2023-provenance-albarino 3050 SK-00368 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/ALBARINO-SOUTH-AUSTRALIA-2023_1000x.png?v=1696992836 Fresh, lively, and enchanting, this charming Spanish varietal, delights the senses with aromas of zesty lime peel and delectable white peach, intertwined with a coastal minerality.  The light to medium-bodied palate unveils delicious flavours of ripe peach, plump apricot, and juicy lemon, complemented by vibrant acidity and the perfect balance of fruitiness and complexity. A superb choice for seafood pairings. Witches Falls 2023 Provenance Fiano 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2023-provenance-fiano 4990 SK-00369 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/FIANO-SOUTH-AUSTRALIA-2023_1000x.png?v=1696993623 Charming, Refreshing, and Svelte. The Provenance Fiano embodies an irresistible zest for life. Lifted notes of lemon, lime and peach captivate the senses. The beautifully weighted palate showcases a generous blend of Nashi pear, green melon, subtle yellow peach and refreshing zippy acidity. Witches Falls 2023 Provenance Sauvignon Blanc 28.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2023-provenance-sauvignon-blanc-sa 2958 SK-00372 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/2023-PROVENANCE-SAUVIGNON-BLANC-_-SOUTH-AUSTRALIA_1000x.png?v=1698195429 Crisp, citrusy, and delectable, this warm-climate Sauvignon Blanc is a splash of summer to be enjoyed year-round. The balmy southern heat encourages ripe, vibrant fruitiness, tempered with mild acidity. A lush green note on the nose underscores pink grapefruit, mandarin peel, and tropical fruits on the palate, while a crisp yet generous finish ensures satisfaction with ever y sip. Witches Falls 2022 Wild Ferment Nero d'Avola 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-wild-ferment-nero-davola 3403 SK-00377 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/WF-NERO-D_AVOLA-2022-RIVERLAND_1000x.png?v=1700720340 Vivacious, exuberant, and juicy, the Wild Ferment Nero d’Avola is a wine that truly embodies the unique Italian lust for life. Tempered by heady aromas of Italian herbs, this light-bodied varietal is built of a base of lush red fruits with notes of ripe macerated cherries, mulberries, and rich dark chocolate. Its fruit-driven youthful character is flawlessly balanced against steadfast acidity, savoury notes, and a silky tannin structure. Witches Falls 2022 Provenance Merlot 33.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-provenance-merlot 6584 SK-00376 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/PROV-MERLOT-2022-SA_1000x.png?v=1700804017 Rich, smooth, and decadent, this sumptuous Merlot will have you captivated at first swirl with its enticing dark berry aromas. Cassis and black cherry dance with velvety tannins on the rich, decadent palate. If you can resist the temptation to drink now, careful cellaring promises many more rewards in years to come. Witches Falls 2022 Wild Ferment Lambrusco 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-wild-ferment-lambrusco 3388 SK-00364 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/2022-LAMBRUSCO-RIVERLAND_1000x.png?v=1699490057 Lavish, boisterous, and textural, this is Lambrusco redefined. Fruit sourced from sustainable Riverland vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented with natural wild yeast. Unlike Lambrusco from years gone by, this bold, inky, dry wine elevates the variety in a traditional Italian style. An enchanting bouquet of warm spices and mulled citrus peel compliments the plush fruitiness on the full-bodied, viscous palate. Medium acidity,  a confident tannin structure, and generous oak contribute to the lavish, well-structured mouthfeel. Perfect for long nights living La Dolce Vita.  Witches Falls 2022 Wild Ferment Saperavi 43.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2022-wild-ferment-saperavi 1175 SK-00373 https://witchesfalls.com.au/cdn/shop/files/SAPERAVI-2022-RIVERLAND_1000x.png?v=1698813048 Exotic, Opulent & Resplendent. The Georgian word for Saperavi translates to "stain" or "dye" in reference to its inky, resplendent colour. But this red is just as flavoursome as it is visually striking. Fruit sourced from sustainable Riverland vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented with natural wild yeast. Medium-bodied and gratifying - our Wild Ferment Saperavi balances fruit-driven, dark fruits and cassis with earthy and spicy notes. Its mouth-watering finish and velvety tannin structure will always leave you wanting one more sip.