Witches Falls 2019 Provenance Syrah 30.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-provenance-syrah 5553 10011 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/Pvsyrahpng_1000x.png?v=1606877530 Steely, Splendid & Heady. The Provenance Syrah had us swooning from the start.   A sensory delight, the Syrah balances blackcurrant and spicy black pepper aromas with a delicious dark plum palate. Fine tannins and integrated oak elevate this red to the top of the class. Witches Falls 2020 Provenance Rosé 26.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-provenance-rose 1086 SK-00025 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/RoseShot_1000x.png?v=1623657024 Pink, Peachy, & Piquant. Pretty as a picture, our 2020 Rosé is a splendid accompaniment to any summer’s afternoon. Delicate peaches-and-cream aromas contrast exquisitely with a crisp acidity and just a hint of grapefruit. For best results, enjoy well-chilled and pair with a picnic. Witches Falls 2019 Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon 30.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-provenance-cabernet-sauvignon 2354 124692 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/cabsavprov_1000x.png?v=1606877531 Grippy, Toasted, Smooth. The Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon is the embodiment of refined elegance.   Soft, velvety tannins and the suggestion of ripe strawberries culminate in a rich and sumptuous mouthfeel.⁠ ⁠ Witches Falls 2018 Wild Ferment Tempranillo 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2018-wild-ferment-tempranillo 218 124538 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFTempranillo_1000x.png?v=1606877531 Timbered, Racy, and Alluring. The Wild Ferment Tempranillo is undeniably our party pleaser red. A true Spaniard, the Tempranillo is full of flavour and spice, and has even been spotted driving its recipients to dance on more than one occasion. Never tried a Tempranillo before? Think miniature Shiraz; this red exhibits all those same toasty spices with softer tannins.  Witches Falls Classic Tawny 40.00 false 500ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/classic-tawny 4 124039 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/Tawny_1000x.png?v=1606877560 Depth, Luxury, Complexity. The NV Classic Tawny is our little slice of heaven. Think Christmas Day in a bottle, our Tawny is basically a liquid fruitcake. A warm, dried fruit character combines notes of dried orange, tangerine, and raisins on the palate. Try it drizzled over vanilla ice-cream for the perfect apertif! Witches Falls 2018 Wild Ferment Chardonnay 38.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2018-wild-ferment-chardonnay 860 124650 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/wfchardonnay_74856e3d-6231-498f-9ff6-2439127825e5_1000x.png?v=1606877531 Soft, Buttery, and Golden. The Wild Ferment Chardonnay is the gentle giant of our wooded whites. Remember those big, dramatic Chardonnays of the 1980s? So do we. Whilst it maintains all that wonderful flair, our Chardonnay exhibits a far more subtle crispness. Witches Falls Solera Muscat 40.00 false 500ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/solera-muscat 70 10004 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/Muscat_1000x.png?v=1606877588 Sweet, Sticky, Sultanas. The Classic Solera Muscat is a night well-ended. An age-old method of blending aged wine with younger wine over many years, our Solera maintains consistent quality and character.  With a rich depth of flavour, the Solera presents an abundance of raisins on the nose, complemented by dried apricots and butterscotch on the palate. Witches Falls 2020 Wild Ferment Nero D'Avola 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-wild-ferment-nero-davola 513 SK-00072 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFNeroD_Avola_1000x.png?v=1612163059 Vivacious, Proud, and Playful. Our Wild Ferment Nero d’Avola is a wine overflowing with a uniquely Sicilian lust for life. Tempered by heady herbal aromas, the fruit-forward flavours of ripe blueberry, plum, and mulberry combine to produce a wine that is at once delightfully bright and abundant, juicy, and immaculately balanced. Witches Falls 2020 Wild Ferment Marsanne 38.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-wild-ferment-marsanne 176 SK-00064 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WfMarsanne_1000x.png?v=1609595864 Elegant, Refined, and Alluring. The Wild Ferment Marsanne is a wine in possession of a rare and effortless grace. Be charmed by aromas of citrus blossom, evening jasmine and sweet Meyer lemon. Discover a sumptuous palate brimming with notes of ripe cantaloupe, vibrant pink grapefruit, and honeysuckle. Fermentation facilitated by wild yeast, and barrel maturation in seasoned French and American oak have granted this Marsanne added texture and complexity. Witches Falls 2019 Wild Ferment Garnacha 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-wild-ferment-garnacha 4025 SK-00073 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFGarnacha_71c717c7-ba3d-4923-9a13-82aa0406361f_1000x.png?v=1612314854 Spicy, Evocative, and Jammy. Our Wild Ferment Garnacha is not to be ignored. You may know it as Grenache, this delightful drop is among our most elegant reds.  But don't let that fool you, there is a spicy surprise hidden beneath its fruity exterior. Witches Falls 2019 Wild Ferment Viognier 38.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-wild-ferment-viognier 14 124634 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/wfViognier_a6b4ccbc-143d-4875-a79b-0a17c8a0a8a0_1000x.png?v=1606877531 Elegant, Complex, and Enchanting. The Wild Ferment Viognier is one of a kind. Fondly referred to as our 'red drinker's white', this wine has made many a convert. Usually blended with a red grape to soften; our Viognier stands on its own with striking poise. Blindfolded, you might think you were smelling a Shiraz, however, the complex, creamy palate of this wine is unlike any other. Witches Falls 2018 Prophecy Merlot 64.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2018-prophecy-merlot 1420 124648 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/ProphecyMerlot_1000x.png?v=1606877530 Intense, Profound, Elusive. The Prophecy Merlot delivers exceptional structure and grip. Not for the faint of heart, this red means business.   Unlike what is typical for this varietal, the Prophecy Merlot is less fruit-driven, more chauffer-driven. Decadent aromas of blackcurrant and tobacco transition effortlessly into a palate of warm oak and dark berries. Witches Falls 2021 Moscato 26.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-moscato 1971 SK-00084 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/moscato2021_1000x.png?v=1617850575 Perky, Animated, and Flamboyant! Get 'spritzed' with Moscato. This joyous wine is made from exquisite Black Muscat fruit from the fabulous vintage that was 2021. The final product is the most playful luscious pink to the eye, strawberry and fresh mint to the nose, transforming towards raspberry and Turkish delight on the palate. The light spritz allows for a clean, crisp finish, making the next sip non-negotiable. So turn on the music, fill up the glass, and let yourself be swept away by the flirtatious and extroverted allure of, Moscato! Witches Falls 2020 Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-wild-ferment-tinta-barroca 2203 SK-00071 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFTintaBarocca_1000x.png?v=1612163203 Generous, Succulent, and Exotic. Our Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca is a full-bodied red in possession of exceptional character and charm. Discover an abundance of ripe, sun-kissed figs, jammy blackberries, and purple cherries, perfectly complemented by a lavish offering of toasted spices and warm cedar. Coupled with a fine tannin structure, this wine lingers beautifully on the palate, rewarding the drinker with a decadent and luxurious mouthfeel. Witches Falls 2019 Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon 64.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-prophecy-cabernet-sauvignon 4546 SK-00024 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/ProphecyCabsavNew_1000x.png?v=1608621428 Distinguished, Assertive, and Opulent. The Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon commands attention with its exceptional structure and savoury tannins. This is a complex, layered and clearly articulated red. Decadent aromas of blackcurrant and tobacco transition effortlessly into a palate of warm oak and dark berries. Witches Falls 2020 Wild Ferment Aglianico 40.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-wild-ferment-aglianico 4538 SK-00074 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFAglianico_1000x.png?v=1612245525 Bold, Beguiling, and Lively. This Southern Italian varietal possesses an enchanting bouquet of toasted spices and rich, woody cedar. Ripe red fruits, quince, and cassis lend their vibrancy to the earthy nature of mulberry and oakmoss on the complex and ample palate. Gentle acidity and a confident tannin structure combine to provide a luxuriant and well-structured mouthfeel with generous length. Never tried a Aglianico before? Think exotic cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon. Witches Falls 2021 Provenance Vermentino 26.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-provenance-vermentino 8880 SK-00094 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/2021-Vermentino_1000x.png?v=1621307398 **Pre-release only** - wine will be shipped by the end of May. Bright, fresh and zesty. The Provenance Vermentino is an Italian summer all wrapped up in a bottle – picture sea breeze, warm sun and salty air. With notes of pineapple and citrus, refreshing acidity and a long fresh finish, this wine is sure to delight. The perfect partner with all seafood or just on its own with good friends! Witches Falls 2021 Provenance Verdelho 26.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-provenance-verdelho 11216 SK-00093 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/2021-Verdelho_1000x.png?v=1620795125 **Pre-release only** - wine will be shipped by the end of May.Fresh, lively and morish, the Provenance Verdelho is like a little glass of Queensland. Vibrant aromas of pineapple meld seamlessly with ripe tropical fruits on the generous palate. Firm acidity delivers a clean finish that partners perfectly with spicy cuisine and affords the perfect excuse for an afternoon sip! Witches Falls 2020 Wild Ferment Sauvignon Blanc 38.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-wild-ferment-sauvignon-blanc 1650 SK-00086 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/wfSB2020Southaustralia_1000x.png?v=1617942378 Alluring, Layered, Distinctive. The Wild Ferment Sauvignon Blanc is one textural little number. Due to its enduring relationship with the oak barrel, the Sauvignon Blanc boasts exceptional depth and complexity. Classic aromas of grapefruit and lime combine with a layered yet effortlessly smooth palate. Flavours of Peckham pear, mandarin and vanilla are supported by creamy oak. Witches Falls 2020 Provenance Merlot 30.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2020-provenance-merlot 3586 SK-00096 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/Merlot2020_1000x.png?v=1622616835 Generous, Bold, and Rich. The Provenance Merlot is a survivor. Although the world's love affair with Merlot may have ended in the 90s, this red has the capacity to prompt a renaissance. Deep garnet in colour, this sumptuous Merlot combines dark berry aromas with a grippy cassis and black cherry palate. Though it sits comfortably now, careful cellaring promises many more rewards in years to come.  Witches Falls 2021 Provenance Sauvignon Blanc 26.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2021-provenance-sauvignon-blanc-qld 7129 SK-00097 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/WFP_SB21_GB_1000x.png?v=1623655978 Crisp, Refined, and Citrusy. The Provenance Sauvignon Blanc is our little splash of sunshine. Aromas of lemon and green apple unify with flavours of delicate citrus, gentle grassiness, and restrained acidity. Stainless steel fermentation has afforded this wine an exceptionally clean palate, and an easy-drinking freshness. Witches Falls 2019 Prophecy Syrah 64.00 false 750ml 1 https://witchesfalls.com.au/products/2019-prophecy-syrah 3124 SK-00087 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0373/4106/9444/products/ProphecySyrah_2b6a2fc4-7e5b-4a17-b392-a500ba81e40f_1000x.png?v=1623656593 Veracious, Earnest, and Grippy. The Prophecy Syrah is a steadfast traditionalist. Our go-to for any and all special occasions, the Syrah is also our ideal fireside accompaniment. Black fruits, warm spices, pepper, and anise dance across the palate, finishing on perfectly balanced, silky smooth tannins.