It’s the twinkle of sparklers in the background, the smell of freshly cut roses gifted from the one you love, the taste of watermelon and strawberries by the pool on a hot summer’s day. The Granite Belt Moscato is spritzy, sweet, delicate and the perfect choice for your summer celebrations.

Moscato will delight you with its easy-going and playful nature. We’ve enjoyed it for all occasions, dessert, celebrations, summer barbeques and when we’ve treated ourselves to some spicy Vietnamese foods.

The fruit of this wine was grown in the Ballandean district in the Granite Belt, only 3 and a half hours South West of the Gold Coast. During vintage, the grapes arrived at our Tamborine Mountain winery on Friday the 2nd of March 2018 and went through the crusher-de-stemmer, starting off the course to becoming the Moscato we know and love.

Moscato is a laborious wine to produce as fermentation is interrupted early to retain the natural sugars from the Black Muscat fruit. This is done by subjecting the wine to very cold temperatures to slow down the fermentation process then filtering out all the yeast. This is also why Moscato generally has a lower percentage of alcohol. It takes many, many rounds of filtering to ensure no yeast is left in the wine, otherwise re-fermentation could occur. What remains is a gorgeous, delicate, naturally sweet wine. When it’s ready to bottle, spritz is added to the wine while still chilled so it’s ready for drinking straight away!

Moscato pairs with a whole range of foods from desserts to spicy food and your favourite cheese. We have also enjoyed the Moscato in cocktails and fruit punches for some added fun!

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