A celebration wine in every sense! From the clinking of glasses to the sense of anticipation you get from the wonderful honeydew melon, citrus and vanillin aromas right through to the creamy palate with its exquisite structure, citrus and pear flavours, you suddenly understand that this wine is more than just a drink – it’s a perfect moment to be savoured and enjoyed.

As the name suggests, in a ‘wild’ ferment no commercial yeast is used. Instead we encourage the grape juice to ferment using the indigenous yeast present on the grape skins at the time of harvest. While the outcomes of such ferments can’t be predicted they are often spectacular.

Chardonnay was the first variety Witches Falls produced using wild yeast as the fermentation catalyst and we were so pleased with the outcomes, that we have produced this wonderful wine every vintage since our first in 2005. Our Wild Ferment Chardonnay is matured in French oak resulting in a creamy mouthfeel and a palate with beautiful structure and complexity.

Chardonnay is the most commonly grown white variety in the world and we are very fortunate that the Granite Belt, with its high altitude and free draining granite soils, provides the ideal conditions for growing this celebrated variety. It is, however, the winemaker’s art that can transform it into something so delicious and while we are incredibly proud of this Chardonnay, it’s always nice when the wines are recognised by others. James Halliday has rated our last six Wild Ferment Chardonnay Vintages at 90 points or higher making this delicious wine instrumental in contributing to our 5 Red Star winery rating.

Wild Ferment Chardonnay pairs incredibly well with a hearty pumpkin ravioli, a creamy soup or roast chicken with mushrooms. The cooler weather means you can enjoy this wine with a whole range of warming dinners.