This Spanish styled Garnacha knows how to dance; with red dresses, castanets and guitars to create an unforgettable experience. The air is filled with sensual toffee and caramel aromas with hints of raspberry and cherry to keep you intrigued. Black pepper swirls on the palate and spices up the tempo as you savour the warm and inviting surroundings.

Garnacha originated in Northern Spain and in the interest of being authentic we have chosen to call it by this name rather than it’s more common French name, Grenache.

What do we think about this wine? We love it. The colours, smells and flavours when combined, create an extraordinary experience where we can’t help but pour another glass. Why is this? Our Garnacha’s nose is caramel, toffee with cherries and raspberries but on the palate moreish spice is displayed creating body with gentle tannins. It’s a wine you truly need to experience yourself.

To make this masterpiece, we start off by hand-picking the grapes from the vineyards in the Granite Belt before they are transferred to our winery on Tamborine Mountain. Being a Wild Ferment wine, we use the indigenous yeast found on the grapes at the time of harvest to ferment it. The fruit was plunged over the course of the ten-day warm ferment, then pressed off into used French and American oak barriques for maturation. When we think that the flavours hit the sweet spot, it’s bottled and ready for drinking but can be cellared for up to 7 years, if your willpower is that strong.

Pairing wines with foods is a personal experience but if you want our suggestion, pull out the BBQ. Char-grilled foods are perfect when you want to compliment the flavours of this Garnacha. It’ll pair nicely with caramelised vegetables or marinated pork too. Love cheese? Cheddar and Red Leicester make this a match made in Spanish heaven.