Autumn is upon us and it’s time to sit back and enjoy a wine which matches the season. The Wild Ferment Monastrell is opening your favourite book to read for the tenth time on an old leather recliner. With a spicy, savoury nose you’ll wonder what secrets it could hold. Unveil its hidden charms of a dark, smooth mulberry palate with fine tannins, plum flavours give a delightful finish, like all good stories should.

If you haven’t heard of Monastrell you might be more familiar with Mourvèdre, the French word for the variety. This wine did however originate in Spain and hence, we’ve used the traditional name. If neither of these ring a bell but the blend of wine which is shortened to GSM, Grenache, Shiraz and, you guessed it, Monastrell!

It’s easy to understand how unique this wine is when you draw in the aromas for the first time. It takes a very savoury route and is slightly more gamey. It is definitely one to put on your ‘must try wines’ list (that we all know just lists ‘more’). It is a wine to take in a little slower and enjoy it over a rich red meat like venison and some roasted Portobello mushrooms.

Our 2016 vintage has been ageing in oak for over 24 months and therefore it captivates the brilliant oaky flavours and aromas. The tannins are soft but prominent due to the cool climate conditions the Granite Belt provides. It’s a perfect wine for someone who is wanting to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy a glass with unique flavours you won’t get in other varieties.

Wild Ferment Monastrell