Jump right into Spring with Wild Ferment Pinot Noir. Like a spring bud, subtle earthy aromas fill the air with bursts of cherry and raspberry, which lightly dance on the palate and balance with a delicate acidity. A hint of spice makes this a perfect wine to transition from the rich and robust reds of winter.

Want to know why we love our Wild Ferment Pinot Noir? It’s light, easy drinking and has a wonderful dry finish to it. It has been crafted using the Wild Ferment method where the indigenous yeast on the hand-picked grapes were encouraged to complete the fermentation. Pinot Noir grapes are among the first grapes to arrive at the winery during vintage and are the first of the reds. The grapes are clustered close together and have thin skins which creates the lighter body in the wine.

The food pairings you could have with Pinot Noir are endless. Take it on lazy picnic lunches, have it with smoky glazed ham, duck or mushroom dishes. What dish do we like to enjoy with our Pinot? If you’ve ever tried beetroot risotto then pairing this with Pinot Noir is an incredible combination. The earthy flavours from the risotto compliment the palate provided by the elegant Pinot. No matter the occasion, the weather or the time, the Wild Ferment Pinot Noir has you covered.