Loyalty Point Terms and Conditions

How points accrue

  1. Wine Club Members who are over 18 years old and have a current Australian address are eligible to earn loyalty points.
  2. Points accrue on purchases where no bonus wines or cider have been awarded or on selected special offers.
  3. Points accrue on Wine Club member sales only. They do not accrue on wholesale and non-member customer sales.
  4. Points do not have an expiry date and will continue to accrue if not redeemed.
  5. Points accrue on purchases made directly with Witches Falls Winery either online or in Cellar Door. Wines and cider purchased through our wholesalers and distributers do not accrue points.
  6. Point are automatically calculated by our point-of-sale system and all members will receive loyalty point statements on a regular basis.
  7. Ordinarily, $1 spent on wine and cider will translate into 1 point, $1 spent on all other products will translate into 0.5 points.
  8. Regular wine purchases made since January 2015 have been accruing loyalty points. All other products available to purchase in the Cellar Door or online have been accruing points since 10th of November 2019. Any products outside of Witches Falls wines that have been purchased before these dates do not accrue points.
Product Points Earned per dollar spend
Wine 1
Cider 1
Merchandise 0.5
Cheese 0.5
Gourmet Balsamics/Chutneys/Oils 0.5
Honey and Produce 0.5
Wine by the Glass 1

How points translate into rewards

  1. Ordinarily a single point (1) translates into $0.25 (25 cents).
  2. Points can only be redeemed once 1000 points have been accrued which translates into $250 which can be used on purchases at Witches Falls Winery.


James spends $289 on wine and earns 289 loyalty points. He then makes another purchase which also included $26 worth of cheese two months later, totalling $364. The loyalty points from his second purchase is 338 for the wine and 13 for the cheese totalling 351 points which are added to his previous total of 289, with a combined balance of 640 points. James makes another purchase of wine for his birthday party, costing $541. This adds another 541 points to his loyalty balance, bringing his total points to 1181. Now that James has over 1000 points, he is eligible to redeem these on his next purchase. As 1 point is equivalent to 25 cents, 1181 = $295.25. James chooses to redeem his loyalty points on his next 12 bottle purchase which totals $278. He requests this order to be posted to his residential address and uses an additional 56 points ($14) to cover the postage. After finalising the transaction, James is left with 13 points on his membership which will remain and continue to accrue with his future purchases until he is eligible to redeem again.

How to redeem points

  1. Redeeming points through Cellar Door. When you are making your purchase, please advise our friendly staff you would like to redeem your points. If it is a valid purchase and meets all the conditions, staff will use your points as a valid method of payment. If all loyalty points have been redeemed and they do not cover the full purchase price, the remaining amount must be finalised using the accepted payment methods.
  2. Redeeming points over the phone. One of our friendly staff will take you through the redemption process, confirm delivery and points and ensure your purchase meets all the conditions for redemption. If all loyalty points have been redeemed and it does not cover the full purchase price, the remaining amount must be finalised using the accepted payment methods.
  3. Redeeming points through email. Please ensure you advise which wines and other products you would like to order, if the wines are being shipped, the delivery address, and a contact number. If your order meets all the conditions, it will be fulfilled and dispatched. If not, one of our staff will contact you to remedy the issue.
  4. Redeeming with a gift voucher. You can use your points to purchase a gift voucher. Gift vouchers are non-exchangeable for cash.
  5. A fee of $14 per case of wine (12 bottles) will be charged for wine to be posted. Loyalty points can be used to cover this cost as long as all eligibility conditions are met.

Reward Terms and Conditions

  1. Points can only be redeemed when the Wine Club Member holds 1000 points or over.
  2. Points cannot be redeemed on special offers, or discounted wines or cider.

Current Wine Club account postal address and email address

  1. Please ensure that the correct email and postal delivery address is correct when signing up for membership or redeeming your points. Where applicable, wines or cider redeemed on points will be posted or delivered to the current wine club membership delivery address held in the Wine Club system at the time of redeeming. Where notifications are delivered by email, the member’s current email address held in the system at the time of redeeming will be used. For some rewards, Witches Falls may expressly allow the member to nominate another postal address or email address. For this reason, it is important to ensure Witches Falls has your current address and other contact details.
  2. If posted, products will be sent by courier to Australian addresses only.

Point redemption Terms and Conditions

  1. Redemption may be subject to other terms, conditions and restrictions as are communicated or referred to by Witches Falls from time to time on the website, or in the course of a member redeeming points.
  2. Points can only be redeemed on wine at Members’ Pricing and cannot be further discounted.
  3. Points can be redeemed on wine and other products sold through Witches Falls Winery.
  4. Points cannot be redeemed on offers which have bonus wines, bonus merchandise or any other offers.
  5. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  6. Cheese and perishable produce cannot be shipped and if being redeemed with points must be collected from Cellar Door.
  7. Witches Falls holds the right to not accept a redemption on wines if those wines are sold out or low on stock.
  8. Witches Falls Winery Trading Pty Ltd holds the right to amend any of these conditions without notice.
  9. Points cannot be redeemed on wine which have been further discounted.

Wine delivery time

  1. Under normal conditions, Witches Falls will endeavour to dispatch postal orders within 2-3 business days. Please call Witches Falls as soon as possible if you do not receive a notification stating your order has been dispatched within a week of your redemption.
  2. Once the order has been dispatched it may take 2 days to 2 weeks to reach its destination depending on the location. Please allow more time for deliveries to WA, NT and remote areas.

Claims for non-delivery

  1. To assist Witches Falls in managing your claim, you must make any claim for non-delivery within two months of redemption of points. A claim for damage must be made within 7 days of delivery.
  2. If something happens to your order during the delivery process, Witches Falls will work with you to uncover the issue and remedy the situation. As Witches Falls cannot control this process, please be patient as we work towards a solution.