Vintage 2020 has started and it’s shaping up to be very different to previous years. For the first time since our opening in 2004 we’ve had to look further afield and source additional grapes from growers in the southern states to supplement a reduced Granite Belt harvest.

The drought has had a huge impact on Granite Belt fruit production this year with expectations that harvest may be even less than 10 per cent of the usual amount.

In a normal year we would process around 200 tonnes of fruit from the Granite Belt but this year we are only looking at around 15 tonnes. In bottle production that’s a drop from our usual 175,000 bottles a year to 15,000 bottles. In order to meet our current domestic and export commitments we are looking to the southern states to make up the shortfall.

As the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining and ours is that 2020 will see us source some new varieties. One we are particularly excited about is the Italian variety of Vermentino (ver-mehn-tee-noh) – a vibrant, light and fresh wine with a similar weight and profile to other whites like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. Personally, we think Vermentino will fit beautifully into our range and can’t wait to enjoy this food friendly wine with some fresh seafood or a light Asian inspired dish!

Vintage is always an exciting time because it’s all about new possibilities. We love getting beautiful fruit and, with minimal intervention, crafting it into wines with individualism that reflect the unique sites where the grapes are grown. And although this year’s vintage is a little more challenging than most we are excited and ready for all it brings.