Whether you’re spending the night with your loved one or enjoying it with a few close mates, we’ve got your dinner wine pairing options covered. Impress your loved one by perfectly pairing the flavours of the wines with the dinner you’re serving up.


Cheese board paired with the Wild Ferment Fiano

Cheese Platter

If you’re putting together a cheese board with all your favourite goodies, we would suggest the Wild Ferment Fiano. With a palate of rich, lingering nectarine flavours and an almond overlay, it’s the perfect match.

Wild Ferment Fiano


Mushroom bruschetta paired with the Wild Ferment Monastrell

Mushroom Bruschetta

If you’re starting off with this earthy mushroom bruschetta then we can guarantee your palate will be delighted when enjoying it with the Wild Ferment Monastrell. The complementary flavours are sure to impress your company.

Wild Ferment Monastrell


Lamb and Rosemary Cutlets paired with the Wild Ferment Malbec

Lamb Cutlets

Draw your company in by giving them the experience of freshly barbecued lamb and rosemary cutlets paired with the Wild Ferment Malbec. The generous flavours of lush black fruits, sweet tobacco and velvety tannins create a phenomenon on your palate when combined with the lamb. A sure fire way to captivate your loved one.

Wild Ferment Malbec


Citrus Crème Brûlée paired with the 2019 Late Harvest Viognier

Crème Brûlée

If you’re serving up crème brûlée for dessert be sure to pour a glass of the Late Harvest Viognier beside it. As the grapes were picked later in the season, this wine has natural residual sugar making it sweeter. With flavours of orange marmalade, apricots, honey and a touch of ginger, it perfectly complements crème brûlée.

Late Harvest Viognier

After Dinner

Now we know what you’re thinking, what if dessert isn’t a creme brûlée but you still need a sultry wine to cleanse the palate. Don’t worry because if you truly want to spoil someone then pour a glass of the Prophecy Syrah. The deep sensuous flavours and rich velvety textures are the perfect way to finish the day, or start off the night!

Prophecy Syrah