Queen Bee

Kim Heslop

The great and powerful Kim is the boss and the stopper of the buck (even if husband Jon disagrees). She sees and hears all and has a knack for saying things exactly how they are. Kim mostly works behind the scenes, but if you‚Äôre lucky, you might see her pop into the Cellar Door wearing her pink glittery gumboots ūüėČ.¬†

Head Honcho

Jon Heslop

Jon is the owner, chief winemaker and visionary of Witches Falls Winery. He has been actively involved in the winemaking industry since 1995. He has a respect for traditional winemaking practices and a passion for innovation. It's this combination that has brought the Witches Falls Wild Ferment range into fruition.

IPA Hero

Abby Heslop

Abby is the reason Witches Falls can now claim to be family winemakers! Abby is continuing the tradition with her completed Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology. Currently, she is expanding her knowledge and is the assistant brewer at Sea Legs in Brisbane. Outside her winemaking interests Abby also loves her sport, dogs and travelling.

Taste Maker

Al Windsor

Al is a true legend at Witches Falls. Every year, he takes annual leave from his real job as a Senior Ambulance Officer and helps with vintage, as he has done since the winery’s fledgling years. He has earned himself great love and loyalty for his tradition of cooking the staff lunch every day during vintage!


Lauren Dalgarno

A woman of many talents, Ren's love of all things wine is captivating. Her knowledge has been honed from years spent living in Paris and exploring the old-world wine regions of Europe with husband Sam. She has recently completed her Masters of Oenology, externally while being hands on in the winery.

Health Nut

Sam Routh

Sam is our hard-working cellar hand, often found working away, surrounded by towers of boxes; he has peeled enough labels to satisfy a lifetime. Sam is passionate about health and fitness, and can answer just about any question you might have regarding nutrition! 

Mr Incredible

Dave Appleton

An absolute jack-of-all-trades, Dave is our Chief Handyman and maintains our grounds with expert efficiency. An undeniable master of innovation, it might be hard to catch him as he moves from one job to the next. If you do, he is always happy to chat. He’s drawn to coffee, apricot delights and knows just about every single local by name.

The Oracle

Tanya Robertson

Got a question? There’s a good chance Tanya will know the answer. Not only is she our Export and Accounts Manager, she also supports most other departments and has a hidden talent for karaoke. Her passion for wine, combined with expertise in logistics transportation, and a love for travel, makes her a master across the board. 

Queen of all trades

Virginia Tullemans

So what does Virginia do... well it would be quicker to answer what she doesn't do! From packing & organising your wine deliveries, to admin support & accounts, to being that friendly voice on the other end of the phone, Virginia certainly does it all, and we couldn't do it without her!

Brand Ambassador

Michael McAteer

Mikey is our Business Development Manager. He is dedicated to delivering wine to local independent stockists, cafes and restaurants. He’s mostly out and about, meeting new people, providing tastings and creating relationships .


Kathryn Sowter

Kathryn was born and raised on the Mountain, and is rarely seen without a smile on her face and a skip in her step. An avid wine enthusiast, her infectious good spirits and lengthy chats make her an invaluable member of our crew. 

top gun (but in a Kia)

Cameron Carr-Brown

A licensed pilot, used to be captain - Virgin airlines, Cam chose to use the pandemic as an opportunity to remarket himself. Cam is now a part of our wholesale team, trading in a Boeing 747 for a Kia Sportage to deliver amazing wine to Brisbane and surrounds.

Brand Warrior

Helen McAteer

Helen is the head of our Marketing Department and the driving force behind the Witches Falls brand. Her creative flair, attention to detail and passion for design makes her incredibly talented (and a multitasking master). She’s nurtured and shaped the Witches Falls brand for over 10 years!


Trista Schull


Tech Support

Andrew Groat

Andrew rounds out our marketing team as an external member of the team. Andrew is the brains behind all our IT solutions. Whilst he mostly works externally, sometimes you can find him in the winery raiding the cheese.