Pink Lady Apple Cider 24pk


Juicy and crisp with a natural sweetness and fizz like burst of flavour. Delectably delicious!

  • Description

    Product Description

    Tasting notes
    Just like the apple it is made from our pink lady apple cider is juicy and crisp with a natural sweetness and fizz like burst of flavour.  Delectably delicious!
    POMOLOGY notes
    Produced from 100% fresh Granite Belt Pink Lady apples crushed to extract the beautiful, natural flavours of the apple.
    Cider Making notes
    This cider, handcrafted at Witches Falls Winery, is an excellent debut. The cider making process is remarkably similar to that of white wine. This cider has been fermented in stainless steel to provide a crisp, clean finish. There has been minimal filtration to retain the natural flavours and colours of the cider before being bottled cold to provide a beautiful spritz.


    COLOUR Pale Amber
    ALC/VOL 5.2%
    FRUIT Pink Lady Apples
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    Additional Information

    Weight 15.5 kg
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