Lili McAteer

Cellar Door

The winery has been a huge part of Lili’s upbringing as her parents are also part of the Witches Falls crew. Lili was always eager to lend a helping hand at our biannual members days, where she welcomed our lovely members with a big smile and checked them in. We knew that she would become a more permanent member of the crew when she was old enough and sure enough, late 2019 we finally welcomed Lili into the Cellar Door. Although Lili isn’t quite old enough to taste our wine, she has a gentle and caring nature and provides great customer service. She enjoys learning about wine using senses other than taste which makes it interesting and fun. While completing her high school studies, her passions lie in art and photography and she is currently doing a diploma in Social Media Marketing. She loves playing netball in her spare time and competes with the local Tamborine Mountain team.