Sam Dalgarno

If you’re lucky enough to be greeted by Sam, you’ll be welcomed into the winery like it’s your old home. Sam (Sam number 2, tall Sam, Sam with a mo, to help us not get as confused) has eagerly jumped into the Cellar Door and Members’ Manger role as it matches two of his passions, people and wine. We are thrilled to have Sam join our crew and not only because he bakes amazing bread to share, a skill refined thanks to his time working in a French bakery but because he brings a vibrant attitude to the winery. Having completed his Bachelors in Arts, majoring in Writing and Anthropology, in 2018 he is now looking at starting his Masters. If Sam isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen or tending to his newly planted vegetable garden, he’ll be with his wife, Ren, our winemaker-in-training, listening to vinyl records and enjoying wines from all over the world.