A Cheese Platter a day...

It's fair to say that here at Witches Falls, we love cheese almost as much as we love wine. The combination of the two? Even better.

Generous people that we are, we thought we'd finally share all of our cheeseboard secrets, so that you too can up your platter game. Naturally, different occasions call for different fromages, which is why we have included a range of options for maximised potential snacking opportunities. 

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Gold Coast Attraction 

1. For a Picnic

One of the greatest joys in life is being able to kick back and relax in a beautiful setting, with a delicious selection of snacks to enjoy, and good company to pass the time. For the perfect picnic cheese board, we recommend;

Provenance Rosé

Pink, punchy, & piquant. There is more to this rosé than meets the eye. This perfectly pretty wine combines Turkish Delight aromas with a slightly peppery palate. 

Wild Ferment Garnacha

Spicy, evocative, & jammy. This elegant drop is light-bodied and perfect for picnicking.

Granite Belt Moscato 

Perky, spritzy, & scrumptious! This sweet and lightly effervescent drop is brimming with yummy flavours—think strawberries, watermelon, fresh mint, and turkish delight!

Triple Cream Brie

A classic soft-ripened cheese with a splendid buttery core. The addition of extra cream makes this cheese hard to beat. 

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Natural, locally sourced honey is creamed to perfection and infused with the perfect rationing of cinnamon.

Fig & Pear Paste

Fig and pear might just be a match made in heaven! Locally-made paste is the ideal complement to the classic cheese and cracker combination. 

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Gold Coast Attraction

2. For a Celebration 

Provenance Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, Refined, and Citrusy. The Provenance Sauvignon Blanc is our little splash of sunshine. Aromas of Meyer lemon, guava, and orange blossom unify with flavours of delicate citrus, tangerine, and a refreshing acidity. 

Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca

Generous, Succulent, and Exotic. Our Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca is a full-bodied red in possession of exceptional character and charm. With notes of jammy blackberries, and sun-kissed figs, this wine is the definition of indulgence. 

Sparkling h20

You heard us, Witches Falls now produce their very own sparkling water! With just the right amount of fine bubbles, you'll never want to suffer standard water again.

Black Ash Triple Cream Brie

It's brie, only better. This delicious cheese takes a triple cream base and infuses it with an inner layer and outer coating of ash. 

Clothbound Cheddar

Sharp, salty, with just the right amount of crumble, the clothbound cheddar is an event staple.

Spiced Rhubarb Paste

We are convinced that Spiced Rhubarb Paste and the Ash Triple Cream Brie are the most perfect pairing of foods to ever come into creation. The tartness of the rhubarb is softened perfectly by soft spice and creamy brie.

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Gold Coast Attraction


3. For evening drinks 

Prophecy Syrah

Veracious, Earnest, and Grippy. The Prophecy Syrah is a steadfast traditionalist and our go-to for any and all special occasions. To impress your guests, decant this delectable drop before serving. 

Pure blue

Nothing says high class and understated elegance like a good blue cheese. 

Chicken Pâté

Locally sourced and produced solely for our Cellar Door, you can't go wrong with this sophisticated pâté.

Rosemary and Garlic Lavosh

Blue cheese, chicken pâté, and lavosh crackers, need we say more?

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Gold Coast Attraction

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