Crafting exceptional-quality, cruelty-free wines is what we do best here at Witches Falls. To achieve this, we maintain a commitment to excellence, and pay strong attention to detail. Creating a product that can be such a considerable source of enjoyment is, and has always been our primary purpose.

Outside of the final product, the heart and soul of Witches Falls lies in the community, and our ‘golden team’ of staff members. Having such a strong team culture and sense of community is a large factor in our success as a company. Though our team isn’t huge, each and every member contributes something unique and valuable. Head over to our team page to learn all about this lovely bunch.


We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment, which is why all of our water comes from our own pristine source, and we are proudly powered by the sun.

Nothing goes to waste here, as we recycle all our materials, including the leftover grape skins and stems which are turned into compost for a local farm.