Introducing Our New Collaboration: Orange You Glad We Did This?

Dive into the zest-packed party of 'Orange You Glad We Did This?' A cheeky collaboration by Witches Falls Winery and Ricca Terra, this skin-contact orange wine is a dance of Grenache Blanc and Zibibbo. Bursting with sunshine vibes, each sip is a vibrant rollercoaster of citrus fun, youthful energy, and textured excitement!

This medium-bodied, vibrant wine teases your senses with an aromatic bouquet full of pineapple, citrus blossom, jackfruit, and dried orange. On the palate you'll find peach, nectarine, and a hint of bitter orange, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your taste buds.

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What is Orange Wine?

Orange wine stands out in the wine world as a unique creation crafted from white grapes. During production, the grape skins and seeds maintain contact with the juice, resulting in elevated tannins, a more robust and complex flavour profile, and a stunning array of orange hues that characterise the final product. Unlike traditional white wines, which are typically made by quickly separating the grape juice from the skins, orange wines are fermented with the skins, seeds, and sometimes stems.

The extended skin contact not only imparts colour but also adds tannins and a range of flavours that are different from typical white wines. The resulting orange wine can exhibit a wide array of tastes, including notes of dried fruits, nuts, and spices. The production of orange wine has become a part of the natural wine movement, emphasising minimal intervention and a return to traditional winemaking practices.

The Collaboration:

In 2020, Witches Falls and Ricca Terra began a fruitful partnership when Witches Falls sourced fruit from Ricca Terra's Riverland vineyards. United by shared values and a strong friendship, we decided to craft a unique wine together. "Orange You Glad We Did This?" is the delightful result of our collaboration, and we anticipate many more exciting ventures in the future.

Witches Falls x Ricca Terra Collaboration Wine: Orange You Glad We Did This?

Winemakers Notes:

'Orange You Glad We Did This?' embarked on its journey with a 28-day fermentation period, allowing the grapes to linger on their skins, which is what gives the wine its orange hue. After pressing, the juice remained on lees for an additional seven months in stainless steel tanks, undergoing hand-racking. The outcome is a slightly drier, astringent wine that provides a textured tannin experience.

Grapes Spotlight: Grenache Blanc and Zibibbo

Grenache Blanc brings a touch of sophistication to the blend with its aromatic profile, contributing to the wine's nose with notes of citrus blossom and dried orange. Zibibbo, also known as Muscat of Alexandria, adds a layer of complexity with its aromatic and fruity characteristics, enhancing the overall palate experience.

For the 2023 Orange You Glad We Did This? collaboration, naturally, the fruit was sourced from Ricca Terra's Riverland Vineyards.

Ancient red soils that run along the Murray are largely composed of clay, sand, and limestone particles. With its warm, dry climate and unique terroir, the conditions throughout the Riverland produce fruit of high quality, in turn creating truly unique wines of outstanding calibre.

Ricca Terra Vineyards
Food Pairing:

Pair this lively orange wine with a variety of dishes to elevate your dining experience. Its vibrant acidity and textured tannins make it an ideal companion for fresh seafood, enhancing the delicate flavours with a burst of citrusy notes. Explore the bold side of cuisine by pairing it with spicy Asian dishes, as the wine's playful nuances beautifully complement the intricate spice profiles. For those who appreciate the creamy allure of cheeses, the slightly drier and astringent nature of this orange wine creates a delightful contrast, making it a wonderful match for an array of creamy cheeses.

'Orange You Glad We Did This?' is not just a wine; it's a testament to the creativity and collaboration that can arise when two passionate winemakers join forces. Dive into the world of orange wine and let this zesty delight take you on a journey of flavour and excitement. 

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