Our Top 5 Picnic Destinations

We at Witches Falls consider ourselves experts in picnicking, after all, it is a large part of the experience here at the Winery. To help spread the joy, we have listed our top 5 picnicking locations within a 50km radius of the Gold Coast.

5. Burleigh Hill, Burleigh

With such an ideal picnic location, the Hill is among the most popular destinations on the Gold Coast and one of the best places to catch the sunset.

4. Fingal Lighthouse

One of the most easterly points of Australia, this sleepy little town makes for the perfect picnicking destination. Just south of the border, lush grassy parklands frame the trek up towards the lighthouse.

3. The Spit, Main Beach 

The Spit plays host to not only the world’s greatest dog beach, but is among the Gold Coast’s most delightful parklands. The way we see it, anything involving copious amounts of dog deserves a place in the top five.

3. Currumbin Rock Pools

Tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of Currumbin beach, the Rock Pools are perhaps the Gold Coast’s best-kept secret. Follow the creek inland for a mere 15 minutes to discover this hidden gem within the lush Currumbin Valley. 

1. The Hangliders' Lookout, Mt Tamborine

Whilst we at Witches Falls are currently unable to offer on-site picnics (sad, we know), there is a wealth of beautiful picnicking locations a just stone’s throw away. With everything the mountain has to offer, you can hardly blame us for never wanting to leave. If we had to narrow it down, the Hangliders' Lookout would have to be our all-time favourites.


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