Vino Spotlight: Moscato - More Than Meets the Sip

When it comes to wine, there's one variety that often finds itself at the centre of a love-hate relationship among wine enthusiasts – Moscato. Some dismiss it as a beverage for broke uni students, associating it with an overly sweet, one-dimensional taste. But here's the truth: Moscatos are a diverse and versatile family of wines that deserve more credit than they often get.

The Moscato Multiverse

First things first, let's debunk a common misconception: Moscato is not just one grape variety. In fact, it encompasses over two hundred different variants of muscat grapes. These grapes are some of the oldest in the world, with their origins lost in the mists of time, possibly dating back to 2000 BC during the height of Persian and Egyptian antiquity.

Over the centuries, muscat grapes have travelled the globe, adapting and mutating along the way to create an incredible range of flavours and styles. Some of the most well-known variants include Muscato Bianco, Moscato Giallo, and Muscat of Alexandria, each with its own unique characteristics and uses.

Moscato Around the World

One of the remarkable aspects of Moscato is its adaptability, which has allowed winemakers from different regions to craft their own interpretations of this grape. For example, in Italy, muscat grapes are used to create bright and floral, low-alcohol sparkling wines that are perfect for those leisurely Mediterranean lunches.

On the opposite side of the world, Australian winemakers have taken a different approach. They've popularised muscat as a rich fortified dessert wine, evoking flavours of sticky toffee pudding, caramelised figs, and plump raisins. These wines are best enjoyed drizzled over a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, creating a heavenly dessert pairing.

Discover Our 2023 Moscato

If you're curious to explore the wonders of Moscato, our 2023 Provenance Moscato is a MUST try. Crafted with premium black muscat grapes, this wine strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and refreshment.

Its beautiful rosy hue catches the eye, while playful lychee, rose petal, and guava aromas dance with strawberry, raspberry, lychee and guava on the palate. The light spritz allows for a clean, crisp finish, making the next sip non-negotiable.

Moscato & Food

When it comes to food pairings, think sweet and spicy. For dinner, consider sharing a bottle over a ginger and chilli Thai prawn curry or indulging in some sticky pork dim sum. And if you're like us, enjoying a modest tipple during Sunday brunch (or breakfast if you prefer) is a must – after all, it's only 6% ABV. Pour a glass alongside buttered cinnamon French toast or classic scones with jam and cream for a truly delightful brunch experience.

In conclusion, Moscato is a diverse and fascinating family of wines that transcends stereotypes. So, next time you hear someone dismiss Moscato, pay them no heed. Instead, join us in celebrating the complexity and versatility of this grape variety – it's a world of flavour waiting to be discovered in every bottle. Cheers to Moscato!

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