Wine? On the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is renowned for many things; sunshine, the surf, and seaside attractions. Wineries aren't usually the first thing that come to mind, but they most definitely should be! There is a plethora of stunning wineries and vineyards within an hour's drive from the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Check out Urban List's article on them here.  

Witches Falls Winery Gold Coast Brisbane Wine Tasting

The Gold Coast's Best Winery

Yes, we may be biased, but with Queensland's finest wine and an unbeatable location on Tamborine Mountain, Witches Falls is difficult to top. Rather than separate our Cellar Door from the working winery (where all the magic happens), we have chosen to combine the two in a truly immersive experience. When you visit our cellar door for a tasting, you can watch the winemaking process as it unfolds. 

Although all of our winemaking is carried out on-site, our grapes are actually sourced from several regions, namely the Granite Belt in Queensland.



Witches Falls Winery Gold Coast Brisbane Wine Tasting Cellar Door

Our Grapes

Sitting at 1000 metres above sea level, the Granite Belt is one of the only areas in Queensland where it has been known to snow, and is thus considered a 'cool climate'. The Granite Belt is named as such for its free-draining, granitic soils. The elevated pH of granite promotes greater acidity in wine, and the porous nature of the rock allows vines to extend much deeper roots. The result? A product with delicately layered flavours and greater complexity. 

The catastrophic droughts Queensland suffered in 2019 had a considerable impact upon grape harvest volumes for that year. The Granite Belt region alone saw less than 5 percent of expected yields make it to harvest, thus we were unable to secure adequate quantities of some varietals. These included Moscato and our beloved Verdelho. So that we might adequately account for such a significant deficit, we have had to seek additional sources of fruit in other premium wine regions, including greater Queensland and South Australia.

Witches Falls Winery Gold Coast Brisbane Wine Tasting Cellar Door

So next time you're wondering what to do on the Gold Coast, why not add Witches Falls Winery to your bucket list?

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