Winter Warming Recipes & Wine Pairings

Winter has well and truly set in and we're all looking for ways to beat the chill, whether that be our favourite trackie dacks, trusty ugg boots or the new winter must-have, the oodie! But there's always been a tried and true method of staying warm, and that's curling up with our favourite glass of vino and a warm comforting meal, usually whilst wearing at least one of the above. 

So we've put together a selection of our favourite winter dishes and wine pairings to help keep you warm this winter. We've even included some vegan-friendly options for our plant-based friends (please note that our white wines are fined using milk products and our pink wines are fined using milk or egg products. All our red wines and ciders are vegan friendly).

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Provenance Sauvignon Blanc: Whilst a crisp, citrusy white wine is not traditionally associated with Winter, it's a perfect paring for creamy chicken dishes, with buttery flavours, such as a flaky pastry. 

Our recipes picks pictured below are a Chicken & Leek Pie (left) or Vegan Mushroom & Leek Pie (right). 

Recipe: Chicken & Leek Pie

Recipe: Mushroom & Leek Pie

Wild Ferment Marsanne: a delicate white with citrus notes and a rounded finish is the perfect compliment for a citrusy & herbaceous baked fish or a hearty risotto with a white wine based stock. 

Our recipes picks pictured below are Foil Baked Garlic Butter White Fish (left) or vegan Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto (right). 

Recipe: Foil Baked Garlic Butter White Fish

Recipe: Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto

Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon: a bold wine calls for a bold, flavourful pairing. The strong flavours of gamey meats like lamb, & savoury herbs, or rich tomato based sauces are the perfect match for this velvety smooth wine, with notes of dark fruits, cocoa & herbs. 

Our recipes picks pictured below are Slow Roasted Rosemary Garlic Lamb Shoulder (left) or Vegan Roasted Tomato Spaghetti (right). 

Recipe: Slow Roasted Rosemary Garlic Lamb Shoulder

Recipe: Roasted Tomato Spaghetti

Wild Ferment Garnacha: This sophisticated varietal is the perfect winter warming wine with it's higher alcohol content and notes of pepper and savoury spice, making you feel warmer with each sip! Paired with a sweet bbq sauce flavoured dish it is absolute perfection, making ribs a match made in heaven! 

Our recipes picks pictured below are Barbecued Pork Ribs (left) or Vegan Jackfruit Barbecue "Ribs" (right). 

Recipe: Barbecued Pork Ribs

Recipe: Jackfruit Barbecue "Ribs"

Prophecy Syrah: is our ideal fireside accompaniment with black fruits, warm spices, pepper, and anise that dance across the palate and finish on perfectly balanced, silky smooth tannins. For this there is no better pairing than a rich, decadent slow-cooked dish like an Ossu Buco with a wine & tomato-sauce. We even managed to find a vegan alternative to this decadent winter favourite!

Our recipes picks pictured below are Slow Cooker Osso Buco (left) or Vegan Brussel Sprout & Carrot "Osso Buco" (right). 

Recipe: Slow Cooker Osso Buco

Recipe: Brussel Sprout & Carrot "Osso Buco"

Classic Tawny: And last but certainly not least, what better way to end a meal than with a luxurious glass of tawny and dessert! With it's warm, dried fruit character combined with notes of dried orange, tangerine, and raisins on the palate, our Classic Tawny would be perfect with any dessert you desire, or even just simply drizzled over ice-cream. 

Our recipes picks pictured below are Apple, Brown Butter and Frangelico Crumble (left) or Vegan Black Forest Chocolate Pudding (right). 

Recipe: Apple, Brown Butter and Frangelico Crumble

Recipe: Black Forest Chocolate Pudding

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