Witches Falls Winery

Piano Rock Vermouth - Bianco 700ml 18%


The Piano Rock Vermouth Bianco's semi-sweet nature tantalises the palate with its citrus-forward profile, presenting a delightful interplay of flavours. A symphony of complexity unfolds with each sip, as layers of spice weave intricately with hints of tropical fruits, including the luscious essence of passionfruit and the subtle sweetness of banana. Undertones of velvety vanilla add depth and sophistication, creating a sensory experience that captivates and delights with every indulgent moment.

About Piano Rock:
Piano Rock is an iconic Tamborine Mountain landmark highlighting both the wonders of natural geology and the unique personality  of our region. We honour this legacy with a truly timeless expression of vermouth infused with our secret blend of traditional herbs, local mountain fruits and exotic spices.

Piano Rock Vermouth is a collaboration between Cauldron Distillery and Witches Falls Winery.

Our vermouth  can be enjoyed neat as an aperitif, mixed with tonic or ginger ale as a refreshing sundowner, or as a key ingredient in traditional cocktails such as a Martini, Negroni or Manhattan. 

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