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Lambrusco, meaning 'wild grape' is originally native to Northern Italy. Traditionally known as a sweet, fizzy, light wine, Lambrusco has attained quite the reputation over the years of being of lesser quality than other red wines, but we are here to throw all of those misconceptions out the window. This Lambrusco is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. From its truly striking purple hue, to the bold, dry tannic structure, our Lambrusco will have you coming back for more every time. 

Tasting Notes

Lavish & Bountiful, this is Lambrusco - redefined.

Fruit sourced from sustainable Riverland vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented with wild yeast. Unlike Lambrusco from years gone by, this bold, inky, dry wine elevates this variety in a traditional Italian style, moving away from that light, sweet, fizzy Lambrusco of old.

Immediately you'll be impressed with Lambrusco's distinctive deep purple colour. Full-bodied and striking, this wine is balanced with plush fruitiness, generous oak and a refined dry finish. Perfect for long nights living La Dolce Vita.

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Origins, Viticulture, Terroir

Originally a delicacy from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Lambrusco is well known as a light and spritzy, sweet red. For our 2021 Wild Ferment Lambrusco, we've sourced our fruit from premium Riverland Vineyards, creating a more robust Lambrusco with a dry finish. 

Ancient red soils that run along the Murray are largely composed of clay, sand, and limestone particles. This dry and warm climate is perfectly suited to the cultivation of Mediterranean varietals like Lambrusco.


As the name suggests, no commercial yeast is added in a ‘wild’ fermentation. Instead, we encourage the must to ferment with the indigenous yeasts present on grape skins and in the atmosphere surrounding the vineyard. While the outcomes of such ferments can’t be predicted—they are often unique & spectacular.

This process creates wines with character. Accordingly, you’ll find the Wild Ferment collection exhibits a complex and diverse flavour profile. These exquisite wines are all barrel matured to enhance their structure and complexity.

Our 2021 Lambrusco has been aged in mixture of new & seasoned oak barriques. Due to the colour and boldness of the flavours in this wine it was left in oak longer than usual. We found the harmonious balance of oak and fruit flavours was best at 16 months.

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