Introducing: Wild Ferment Saperavi

At a glance

Saperavi is an ancient grape variety from Georgia, the oldest winemaking region in the world. The most unique feature of this grape variety, is that it has both red skin and red flesh which provides its deep inky, opaque colour. With heavy notes of dark berries & cherries, Saperavi has often been compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Tasting Notes

Exotic & Opulent

The Georgian word for Saperavi translates to "stain" or "dye" in reference to its inky, resplendent colour. But this red is just as flavoursome as it is visually striking. Fruit sourced from sustainable Riverland vineyards has been thoughtfully processed at our Tamborine Mountain winery and fermented with natural wild yeast.

A real powerhouse - full-bodied and gratifying - our Wild Ferment Saperavi balances fruit-driven, earthy and spicy notes. Its mouth-watering finish and chewy tannin structure always leaves you wanting one more sip. But don't drink it all at once - this wine has some serious cellaring potential.

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Origins, Viticulture, Terroir

Originally a grape varietal from the Caucasus region (modern day Georgia), Saperavi is truly unique. The grape is an example of a Teinturier grape—with red skins and red flesh.

For our 2021 Wild Ferment Saperavi, we've sourced our fruit from premium Riverland Vineyards. The Ancient red soils that run along the Murray are largely composed of clay, sand, and limestone particles. With its warm, dry climate and unique terroir, the conditions throughout the Riverland produce fruit of high quality, in turn creating truly unique wines of outstanding calibre.


As the name suggests, in a 'wild' fermentation, no commercial yeast is added. Instead, we encourage the must to ferment with the indigenous yeasts present on grape skins and in the atmosphere surrounding the vineyard. While the outcomes of such ferments can’t be predicted—they are often spectacular.

This process creates wines with character. Accordingly, you’ll find the Wild Ferment collection exhibits a complex and diverse flavour profile. These exquisite wines are all barrel matured to enhance their structure and complexity.

When the fruit arrived, we just knew this wine would be something special, the berries were very plump & glossy, which has truly translated into the finished product.

Our 2021 Saperavi, has been matured for 16 months in new & old puncheon barrels, creating this beautifully bold wine.

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