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Negroamaro (neh-grow-ah-mah-ro) is a grape varietal that hails from the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Because the grape thrives in hot Mediterranean conditions, it's perfect for cultivation down under. Typically, Negroamaro grapes create smooth, rich wines with a medium—full body and plenty of flavour. In Italian,"negro amaro" literally translate to "black bitter." But don't fret—this isn't an apt description of how the wine typically tastes. This wine is fruit-forward & smooth—made with sweet, ripe, sun-kissed grapes.

Never tried it? It's similar in flavour and style to Montepulciano and Zinfandel.

Tasting Notes

Brazen. Sumptuous. Sun-kissed.

This southern Italian varietal is an impeccable fusion of complexity and approachability.

Our Wild Ferment Negroamaro greets the palate with notes of juicy black plums and cherry jam. Its generous length unveils latent hints of allspice, clove, and toasty oak. Full-bodied, with a long finish and firm tannin structure, this red embodies true Italian passion and flair. Negroamaro can also have a herbaceous side—well known for its hints of dried herbs.

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Origins, Viticulture, Terroir

Negroamaro is almost exclusively planted and cultivated in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Although it's rare to find this varietal outside its homeland, we were so fortunate to receive some Australian grown Negroamaro grapes last year. 

The grapes for our 2021 Wild Ferment Negroamaro have been sourced from premium South Australian vineyards in the Riverland region.

The terroir of the Riverland is  unique. Situated along the banks of the Murray River, the ancient red soils that run along the water are largely composed of clay, sand, and limestone particles. With its warm, dry climate, the conditions in this region make it perfect for growing Mediterranean grape varietals such as Negroamaro.  The high quality of Riverland fruit creates truly unique wines of outstanding calibre.


As with all our Wild Ferment range, no commercial yeast has been used to ferment our 2021 Wild Ferment Negroamaro. Instead, we encourage freshly-pressed juice to ferment with the indigenous yeasts present on grape skins and in the atmosphere surrounding the vineyard. While the outcomes of such ferments can’t be predicted—they are often spectacular, layered, and full of character.

This Negroamaro has be oaked for around 13 months. This middling oaking period is perfect for this variety. It's just enough time to allow the wine to develop and take on secondary flavours, while retaining a primarily fruit-driven palate. 

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