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At a glance

Touriga, often called Touriga Nacional in its native Portugal, is a grape varietal that typically creates a juicy, full-bodied red wine. Historically Touriga has been used in the creation of fortified wines, but modern winemakers have increasingly been using the grape to create complex, delicious table reds too—similar in style to Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Tasting Notes

Luscious. Daring. Robust.

The flavour profile of our 2021 Wild Ferment Touriga is complex, fruity, and layered. With a foundation of lush, juicy fruits such as sweet & sour cherries, plums, and blueberries mingled with a myriad of secondary flavours, Touriga is a real flavour bomb! Typically, this variety also displays subtle earthy & floral notes. You may pick up on hints of mint, violet, bergamot, vanilla, or nutmeg. A generous oaking will also add depth, woodiness, and smokiness to the palate.

Touriga is a real up-and-comer in the wine world. Indigenous to Portugal's Douro Valley, this warm-climate red likewise  thrives under the Australian sun. Built on a base of lush fruits, the palate of our 2021 Wild Ferment Touriga unfurls layers of smokiness and savoury spice. With generous length and a firm textural finish, this bold yet juicy wine is full of bravado and intrigue.

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Origins, Viticulture, Terroir

Touriga (Touriga Nacional) is most widely-planted in Douro and Dão regions of Portugal. The grapes for our 2021 Wild Ferment Touriga have been sourced from premium South Australian vineyards in the Riverland region.

The terroir of the Riverland is unique. Situated along the banks of the Murray River, the ancient red soils that run along the water are largely composed of clay, sand, and limestone particles. With its warm, dry climate, the conditions in this region make it perfect for growing Mediterranean grape varietals such as Touriga.  The high quality of Riverland fruit creates truly unique wines of outstanding calibre.


As with all our Wild Ferment range, no commercial yeast has been used to ferment our 2021 Wild Ferment Touriga. Instead, we encourage freshly-pressed juice to ferment with the indigenous yeasts present on grape skins and in the atmosphere surrounding the vineyard. While the outcomes of such ferments can’t be predicted—they are often spectacular, layered, and full of character.

The Touriga has be oaked for a period of 11-12 months. This allows the wine to develop complexity, depth, and body whilst still retaining the buoyancy and lusciousness of the primary purple-fruit flavours. 

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