Tamborine Mountain's only working winery

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting us here at Witches Falls, you might have heard us mention that we are Tamborine Mountain's only working winery. But what does that actually mean? Of all the wineries and cellar doors on the Gold Coast, Witches Falls is the only one that actually produces and bottles all of our wines and products on site. This includes our ciders, and most recently, our very own sparkling mineral water, which we source from a pristine wellspring beneath our vines.

Gold Coast Tamborine Mountain Winery Cellar Door Wine Tasting

How we do it: 

Rather than separate our cellar door from the working winery; we have chosen to combine the two in a truly immersive experience. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of visiting our winery is that you are able to observe the winemaking process unfold as you sip! The double windows behind our bar give you the best seat in the house for watching our winemakers as they work. 

There's a phenomenal amount of work that goes into winemaking, and we are incredibly lucky to have such a hard-working and dynamic team of passionate winemakers and grounds-keepers behind us. 

(And we'd never forget our spectacular grounds-keeper Dave!)

Gold Coast Tamborine Mountain Winery Cellar Door Wine Tasting

tamborine mountain.

Planning your next day-trip? Nestled atop the Gold Coast Hinterland and only an hour's drive from Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain is the perfect sanctuary. Home to lush green rainforests and wineries a-plenty, Tamborine might just be Queensland's loveliest weekend getaway.

Visit our Cellar Door for a wine tasting, and build yourself a cheese platter from our locally-made cheeses and artisanal produce. Discover our cheese board inspiration here.

Gold Coast Tamborine Mountain Winery Cellar Door Wine Tasting


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