Terminology 2.0

It’s a wonderful feeling to be well-rounded and conversant, and an even better one when you can show off all that knowledge to envious friends. To help you facilitate this ambition, we’re providing you with another five of our favourite wine descriptors. 


‘Unctuous’ may not be all that flattering if you were to use it when describing a fellow human, however when it comes to wine, unctuous can be very appealing. Rich in texture and complexity, unctuous wines are often lush and can be quite viscous. Take for example our Classic Solera Muscat. Sticky and sumptuous, this dessert wine is dripping with texture and viscosity. 

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Dessert Wine Tasting


‘Fleshy’ is a textural term, and refers to the way wine feels in the mouth. Fleshy wines sit heavy on the tongue and have a chewy, meaty sensation. Often used to describe sturdy, full-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz, our Prophecy Merlot is a fleshy delight.

Witches Falls Queensland Red Wine Shiraz merlot


You might have heard this one used in reference to food more often than wine, but it sums up our Provenance Rosé so perfectly we felt we had no choice but to include it. Piquancy refers to an agreeable pungency, or sharp taste. Delightfully deceptive, our Rosé seems at first to be perfectly gentle given its strawberry and cream aromas. Don’t be led first impressions lead you astray however, this Rosé packs a seriously peppery punch!

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Rosé Wine Tasting


Only reserved for the very prettiest of wines, ‘floral’ refers to those that exhibit aromas or characteristics which are reminiscent of flowers. Floral, lush, and lightly oaked, our Wild Ferment Marsanne is basically a spring picnic in a bottle. With its violet aromas and smooth, buttery finish, the Marsanne is indeed our loveliest white. 

Witches Falls Winery Queensland White Wine Chardonnay


Honeyed texture and a rich viscosity are essential for any dessert wine worth its salt (perhaps worth its sugar would be more appropriate). If you’re an Australian, you may be more familiar with the term ‘stickies’ to describe a dessert wine. Exactly as it sounds, a sticky wine is sticky! Owing to a higher sugar concentration, if you were to spill a dessert wine, you’d be left with a sticky residue. Give our Classic Tawny a go for a delightfully sticky fortified wine. 

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Dessert Wine Port

So go ahead, see if you can pepper a few of these glorious terms into your next friday night drinks. All that we ask for in return is an invite next time.

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