Terminology Tuesday

We get it, much of the language involved in tasting and smelling a wine is overwhelming, and in some cases can even sound downright silly. But don’t let that deter you, we’re here to help. Welcome to Wine Term Tuesdays! Whereby from now, until we run out, we’ll be exploring five new wine terms each week. Each of the five terms we have chosen this week can, in most cases, be used when describing a red wine. See if you can work a few into your Friday evening drinks!


One of modern wine jargon’s trendier terms, ‘jammy’ usually refers to a lighter, more quaffable wine. As you would expect, jammy wines tend to be reminiscent of ripe fruit. Where might you be able to apply this term? Cabernet Francs, Zinfandels are commonly referred to as ‘jammy’, alongside our very own Wild Ferment Garnacha; a light, fruity red with a spicy surprise.

Witches Falls Winery Red Wine Gold Coast Wine Tasting


The term ‘Cassis’ actually refers to a type of liqueur known as Creme de Cassis, made from blackcurrants. When used in relation to wine, ‘Cassis’ usually alludes to the seedy, gritty characteristics that you would expect to find in an actual blackcurrant. Deep garnet in colour, our sumptuous Provenance Merlot combines dark berry aromas with grippy cassis and black cherry palate.

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Red Wine Tasting Merlot


In much the same way that you might describe a 17th century palace like Versailles as ‘opulent’, you could describe a wine. Abundant, luxurious, and glorious to behold, these wines are understandably, hard to resist. Big, bold, and deliciously fruit-driven, our Wild Ferment Tinta Barroca might just be the most opulent of all (it also has the most gorgeous shade of ripe plum we’ve ever seen)!

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Red Wine Tasting


The term ‘chewy’ is almost always used in reference to a wine’s tannins. Ever tried a red so tannic it dries out the interior of your mouth? That’s chewy. Almost as though you have to *chew* the tannins out of the inside of your mouth. Sound good? Check out our Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon!

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Red Wine Tasting


Wines that fall into the category of ‘muscular’ tend to be your bigger style reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo, or Shiraz. Muscular essentially refers to a wine that puts hairs on your chest; big, bold, and exhibiting lots of power. Veracious, Earnest, and Grippy. The Prophecy Syrah is a steadfast traditionalist. Our go-to for any and all special occasions, the Syrah exhibits a balanced muscularity.

Witches Falls Winery Queensland Red Wine Tasting Syrah
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